Geostat 2016

I’m having a very thought provoking week at Geostat 2016 in Spain. I think it will fuel a lot more work.  Notes for self include the fact that I think I need to get to grips with PostgreSQL and PostGIS; and I need to get to grips with various js libraries for data visualisation.    There are some very nice desktop GIS systems.   Google have all the data you could possibly want ever.   But here is the result of a few hours tinkering during one of the tutorial sessions with CartoDB (rebranded as Carto).   This is built on top of the PostgreSQL / PostGIS stack and there must be some really clever functionality because of that.   But it’s very powerful and has a superbly well worked out UI.   The point is this plot was created pretty much automatically.  Now to get some model residuals / random effects and kernel smooths plotted!!!!!!!